mind your mind

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mind your mind

if it is written on the top of it - it is to mind our mind to have a true mind. A mind = to take care, to pay attention, to live the present…So - if we do not use the mind we betray clearly it. And sure we don’t have a “mind” really. Think to think as the urgent care… or dirt everything to loose the sense of all…

how to prove ? reMind !! to remind it is to enter, swim, recover, dance and walk into the mind. To be a full mind again : re-mind. That’s must be the good use of intelligence : re-mind as to double the capacity of thinking !!!

and what’s the use of it ? like the contrary of utilitarism a so small and sordid way of thinking – that it cannot be mind the mind !!! As using all its giants possibilities and not only of those of the drowning conformism !!!

the use waiting us ? to mind the structure of language as prefix-root-suffix !!! only one smooth example ? reMember as to be a member again. Yes exactly as reMind to be a mind again !!!

that’s to say ? That yes, from the beginning of words, there is a second sense that is coming from the whole language. And each word means more containing all the senses of all words…re-member yes but of what ?

the difference between experience and experiment – seems that the second is not living on the true live , with all feelings, emotions and sensations – only material measure but for who ? The abstract living on alpha of the centuries ?

………..experience directly the words a very speed way to mind our mind ?


(to be continued)

mind your mind

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