The limits of laughter? (1/2)

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The limits of laughter? (1/2)

You just discovered a category of the population that you carefully hidden: they exist "adventurers of laughter." Which opened in them the huge space of freedom that seems to be their laughter. A probe still ahead of them. Only they, too, have experienced social boundaries laugh ... We offer you two stories with the avowed aim to excite your fantasies more than give you a lecture**.


Another testimony ... "I lived in the flesh that your own laughter can put you in danger. In order to live closer to the "street theater" I build "sketches" I try in real situations. The real experience is always live with you as the main guinea pig. The story is short and the gulf between the consequences and innocence of intentions (bring emancipation to brains!) Seems so inspiring - that I made ​​a text ... as I will tell you.

"The director of consciences (! Yes they exist to protect us from any mental virus!) Ran through the streets shouting everywhere.." Savior is back! the savior is back! "And everyone to escape ... The moral. There is no need to save savior !!!" There must have been 30 or a little more. We had believed modern, released or rational. Yet I received an incongruous avalanche of green wood: nothing respects, scandalous, blasphemous, disgusting, throw it, ignoble, senseless, bastard ... with physical threats in support. The body now "marked" as laughter can be infinitely "political". Infallible discoverer of taboos and that "it is absolutely necessary stash" ... Also disturbing Diogenes since "laughter kills the authorities." Yes, but the laughter that knows its place arrows in the quiver ever more knowledge and more and more intelligence. Laughter, like a shortener periods of learning, puts you on the ground floor where "it happens" ... the bottom of the well hidden debates ... "...

Many other adventures flesh out the "how to know and learn" but we must, rather, store them in the laughter that puts you in danger. For example, in another "Sketch", we felt the wind of collective beast pointing his muzzle who believes they know everything and crushes you, illegitimately, if you do not have the "good side" ... I just chanted "you marry well! marrez- Now !!! "Hi ... damage ...

Such laughter makes you feel, to the millimeter, how actually works society. You have to guess where are the "free spaces" and you "distancing" well before all collective masquerades: You see things as they are! Incredible but true: laughter belongs to the school of truth and sincerity irreducible !!! You want to remain "realistic" and rational, so apprenez- laughing donf ...


Laughter appears to have no other limit than our unreasonable fears if necessary. Cosmic huge laugh, it deploys the entire body while still a complete mystery. Social, he unbuttons you all the doors that the majority slap his own nose. But why? Is that instead of waiting for the laugh "outer" (professional, concocted marked, conventionalized, sequestered hollow "etc) falls on you - the" adventurers laughter "take the maximum risk (ie of prudence, actually!) to experience the non-artificial. Thus, smoked a troop who loved us "invent" incessantly. Of these "bands" that "TV mind" seems to have extinguished ...

As usual, in order not to nuke the future by what we have done, we dedicate that two anecdotes. So even if you redo our "plans," it does not matter, the property is not what we thought: the principle is, rather, to invent and practically everywhere ... Our "guarantee" c ' is that reached these limits, social masks can not delude ourselves: The really brave beings, pioneers or adventurers are far less numerous than which "his connections to hide as many of these flamboyant beings." What slimy paternalism, they decide how to accept, for all, what we need to see, read, love (and reverse the "orders" that do not see, read or have the right to hate ...)? How such prehistoric minds can they still dominate? True, exit, you too?

Always testimony fashion ... "" Inventing "comic scene is use all his existential knowledge. Everyone must be respected and e-rendering (e) to dance her inner beauty. You create a wonder around, you do not want basically assaulting them. Thus, it dates from the time you had "compartments" in trains and fishing one who gets off on you the most. I experienced there, my "total period deadpan." Here I am at the entrance of the bay, facing 3 or 4 people, with a very serious and respectful natural, articulating "I hope that the smoke does not prevent you from coughing" ... Obviously, you reap "no, no! you can smoke ". The nectar of the scene comes from "knowledge" hidden in it. Inevitably, a few seconds later, some (s) are dipping the anomaly. It is in the geometry of exchanged looks that you tune if you want to "understand" the other is not in their anthropometric listing you "know." And all these people, prison guards of society, tellers of the words, flicards your spontaneity, etc. that will violate "your age, occupation, address, etc." (as if being a real "human" is defined by "it", that so little?) - and you will rub 1000 years without ever "know" of you ... Laughter (tenderly cores and curiosity of others) belongs to true knowledge. His demand for truth remains insatiable love of others remains nestled there, too. One of the best guides to a life of adventure so this is the laugh ... "

The second great opportunity contained in the laugh is sensual palpation societal pitfalls that others are debated, these mental invisible changing them into puppets of their own lives, these constraints behaviors that make them too often betraying the best of themselves to ... nothingness pubs. Yes, laughter makes you "guess", have intuitions, images and sensations. Thus, quite recently, I dropped a file by earth. A beautiful woman helped me to pick up and intuition led me to "invent" the next scene. The first thanks, o thank you, thanks very obtained a big smile. Then the "you're too nice, really thank you," the full development of the face. You understand that I additionnai the thanks of all tones and facial expressions, forcing the spontaneity. Reached the apex of the inversion, the top of wellbeing language. Then the face begin to tense up, more and more, until very dry "not need to thank me" who kills the net "taste" thanks, and abrupt pivot heels. The knowledge of this scene is the sequence of sensations, intense emotions and diverse escorting the turnaround. That is why we need a lot of attention and affection for people "involved" if the finesse perceive the "hoax" that we would not be living the same scenario. You are there to accompany the person through all possible remains in each-e in range. In our society more and rained narrow, narrow and without much remaining possibilities - how to wrestle in a scene that is imposed on you all, how many "gestures" still remain close to hand - it squarely belongs to the art of survival ... If after that laughter does not belong to any healths ???

To maintain the minimum control of our lives, the more alternatives than trying absences situations of all controls. If you can surf your laughs, you get the "knowledge" of the prior wave that could overwhelm you ...

And the finding dazed that in our anti-civilization, the key is never taught, learned, transmitted, given ... Who could teach you to laugh with such impacts and information returns? Who? The exercise does not seem much harder than many starifications overrated? Yes, we will disappear because who "knows" is everywhere "forbidden" by deeply immature beings that prevent the Evolution gets back to knead and stir our "body" social. Muscle size of laughter seems to unmask them, right?

Between living and live experiences that diverts (not live!) Into a spectacular display (but that no one can, then live!) - get your self that you enjoy? The fact that the therapeutic and active immensity of laughter (which would be so beneficial to our present civilization) does not belong to the concerns of former elites (in a single-quote says "solid" on the broad subject!) - It's rather they discredit or "adventurers laughter" ???

(To be continued)

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The limits of laughter? (1/2)

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