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One book as open work-yard ? To progress embraced with its progress. To gather together ? Together to get her ? Matrix. Mother of minds. Soul mate.

A book in genesis, in spring side. To prove a product must be formed and produced first. Your pen must happen. Happy happens and sadness rather comes under, submit or undergo. To occurent. Rent occurs? Open the words is open your mind. Is open too many unemployed opportunities. Any obsession closes all. Obsessionnal capitalism (because it ends now) closes too many doors. It becomes unrealistic, unreasonable, irrational, unregardful, untrustworthy, unruly, unsafe, impracticable etc. All adult minds must leave this dead end ways. All sciences be evidence for what is first are creators, producers, artists, farmers or craftsmen. And trade always come after, behind the firsts. Parasite of them, always second, following, never going before or preceding. That's the deep facts. All the wisdom of the world know that if trade go beyond a percentage of 1/3 of all society activities it can drive to collective suicide. Nowadays, it goes beyond 2/3. But trade is not the intelligence side. Unread is unready. Not read never ready (that clear reading, yes or no?). We're all in very danger!

Consequently, a work in progress can prove who really create, who unlock the unknown and who breed the new. It seems they escape the battle …


What we can find that we cannot in a come to an end book ? Satori experiences, deep joys or observations in abysses. For instance, around you, you can hear complaining and wandering people, in their dead end roads. It jumps on you that you possess the drawing of all the elements of the good answers to that. With your complete body, you have yet extract yourself of this trap and reach a biggest reality which contains no reason to complain or ramble. Good rescue.

You can, furthermore, start from unsolved problems or half failures from past (just gush from the half-success side!). And, accordingly, mix everything to place geometry into the spirals that gather together several levels of comprehension. Or else, use some quotations to higher it. For example, actually, all good analysis of movement and don't transmute into actions. It can reveal the existence of blockades and blockings. And the forgotten solutions really lay into the true function of mind (when "you find the extreme practice of rarity", in your breathe, digestion, inside image or siesta). Where (for the moment) is impossible to find only one coach (the essential the vain). People seem to run only into the useless and superfluous. And the regressive and repressive medias hide hardly that absolutely all deep happiness come, first, from good thinking. The winners are those who never "loose" the line of thoughts.

Because after think reigns feel. The e-motion, the sensational sensation or the feel "like", like likely or like liking so likable- that's what you like…So we reach the truth we deserve because our ways to use our processes of knowledge (and particularly the language). The way you think the way you love. That's why most of people are upside down. Lower you find making love. Upper love in heart and it exist thousand and thousand of different way of loving in feelings (each time it opens a diverse taste or breathe or floss silk etc!). And finally love in thoughts: it can smell as an orange but the droplets paint all your skin and, synchronized, you swim in the orange colour. The top of the light up beauty in this world: that's why quite nobody lives that. They prefer the primary of the beast. Beast is only the most stupid of everything (and convince to win the entire so loose the entire). Blinding on making love you even don't build it (not "making" but destroying). Consequently, you deprive your self of the plentiful of feelings (each time offering a different emotion or sensation) and reduce your giant life in the so small mechanic of five repeats. And, of course, the dim brainless of refusing the thoughts of love. The won der (who had win, won, der-ive of it) which can make you fly as a bird. Inside you or into the air (which "accepts" you or not). Is it the top of everything?

 But if you live upside down the top cannot be found. As a result, to accept the hierarchy of real drive you to extreme beauty. The beast is this so small facet of refuse reality. Sure not an hero attitude but a dull one, a thick mind-set. Capitalism (beast side) so small for giant loves.




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