Does everything must bring benefit to someone?

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"It must be profitable to someone". The entire universe existing only for that so small and tiny thing: the profit. The "culture of profit" cannot be a proper culture: it's the truest and deepest enemy of civilization. Impossible to trust anybody who speaks the regressive and irresponsible way of "profit". Even, if medias make believe there will be majority: many new documents prove the contrary (profit brings nausea to most of us!). The explanation lays in the fact profit belongs only to child's minds (money the sinews of war: every thing said in that beastie approach!!!). "It must be profitable to someone". Not a glance upon results, negative consequences or extensiveness of it. "Every profit comes of a fail of somebody else": that's the words of wisdom. You gain because somebody loose: what a clever proof. Symmetry can be found each time you make a true verification. Not metaphysical money exists, coming from nowhere or from the unknown space (as "creation" of money from nothing: money not created, it only is printed and flows!). Money comes from this world only (not a space photo of money or undersea shot of it: not an "universal" item! So local and postpone is money!). Money is funded upon a closed and restricted matter ; consequently, if you "win" somebody "loose". Your "profit" exists always to the prejudice of someone else. What a prowess to "ignore" profit is just a disease, a negative system, a bug to harmony. Therefore, none true adult can accept this beastie reign, the most stupid technique to share.

The fact that only a vulgar, rude, improper, nasty, crude, bad or naughty person can wish to "profit" (these verb so connected with sponger and procurer, with parasite and scrounger, so with this leech side) represent a big "scoop". If you consider the whole existent, sure that "profit" sounds like dim-witted, stupid and dull arguments. None great thinker defend these mindless daft. "Culture of profit" is the most regressive and prehistorically method to reach the death of civilization: only monkeys can "believe" in that swindling for swine. Monkey's money when all money turns in a regressive cult. Accordingly, does every thing must bring benefit to somebody? It's the most barbarian and bestial mode to approach the subject. No globalization thought in that cretinism maniac compulsion. That benefit never fits: it misfits the vantage without add. Deficient beneficent. Maleficence substitutes beneficence: "badfit" (fit chew!) the new word (which do not fit at all) to describe this complete perversity … If you wish to make profit you sign you are out of reality, that you feel upside down and are very near of archaic. To be modern, "in", and a true winner is trying nobody really loose. Your budget at the balance is the wisest choice: included all reality in your way of living drives to the civilised. None other means can reach it!


Only one example? In Turkey, for cold and hot water, you can observe an equipment, every where, on the roofs. It cost around 500 $ for 10 years of use. For rich or poor, the same equipment. Is this the top of a marvel, the grace of cleverness, a great collective understanding? In countries as thrown back and underdeveloped, as USA or some of Europe, they even cannot reach the answer. The answer stays inaccessible to their tiny-blinded-deaf minds. Silently, they had damaged quite all possibilities of thinking sane! All ways to commonsensical practices ruined! Therefore, you can only flounder in rotten dead end thoughts. Do you want to listen the most stupid phrase possible, for nowadays? "It must be profitable to someone"– as the center of "anti-civilization" of USA and some Europe! Tied on the unquestionable necessity that "nothing exists until it is profitable to someone". You experiment, from the start, the so babyish side of this manner of thinking. Immature, childlike and irresponsible "profit"? Culture of profit stuck only in arrears countries? Mad medias claim they are developed: we say no the cannot be! Profit which unsighted, definitely, to any progress and evolution? Subsequently, the leaders had killed the society. Make I become a dissociety. The end of society as "as-sociate" one? All nihilisms (supposed to stay in anarchist minds!) govern. Real anarchy feed the most in conservative minds. "It must be profitable to someone" forget, neglect and deny the biggest majority. Because, if it is profitable to the one, it is not profitable to the entire others. It closes everything except one small door: nobody can call that advancement. Ending of any correct innovation. Profit seems "against" the majority and reserved to the marginal? Exclusive: exclusion! The same mechanism, an identical structure of exclusion in profit? They sell majority for only one's interest. This dead end trap kills all-promising of future for USA.


Reinvest in this context, all the old hierarchies collapsed. Turkey appears as a very modern country, on the edge of upcoming because this equipment for water does not be profitable only for the so small one (and against all the others!). But absolutely for any one. So the regard leaves this same old tune and does not try to wrap up the one. But flies to each and every one, happy of their happiness (so new experience for that countries vanished in their silly circles – it will stay inaccessible to their tiny-blinded-deaf minds!). The fall down of reason when you rave that if someone is rich all the country is rich, that profit can build a Society and that every thing must bring benefit to somebody. Any psychiatrist will say they are words of a very sick mind. So it's not because medias under cover it, that it can convert in sane words. Every adult consider that with a great distrust (as the germ of the downfall of society). At the contrary, Turkey with this organization which does not bring benefit to only one - being the enemy of every single one – has a very sane attitude. Good for planet (barbarian profit cause so many destructions: thus you see it's not a scientific "profit"!) for human bonds (profit is the dullard anarchist of society) for happiness of everybody (ending of jealousy, resentment, suspicion and irascible envy). Occident seems over killed only because no possibility left to think well (and, well, to think!), to think accurate and to think sane. That is for that all the manners and comportments, in consummation society, are diseases, infections and illnesses. Which cause only disasters. For the first time, can you have a circle look around you: you can establish every bit of that!


In USA and some of Europe, no more wise hierarchies between facts: the trifling had take the place of necessity (when society live "in" society not , as now, "out" of society). The down fall is so big: where is reason when "every comportment as good as the other if you pay": betrayal of politics, of serious, of moral and of good. Not important if live disappears, if planet ruins, if civilization collapses if only one have "profit" (word of virus?). Can you look in the eyes of your neighbours and these words are not of the worst anarchist (ancient define) or a complete mad? If only one "profits" all the rest of Humanity do not exist. Solipsism! No more pilot in the plane…The biggest success (the most collective mind) overwhelm by the biggest failure (the selfish solipsist) - can continue only because there are not even one talk in your dullard countries. If only monologues reign what the second name of this?


Every single one wise people, all adult reasonable choose the best as what is useful to the most numerous possible. Every thing must bring benefit to every single one. Clever minds are recognized when they succeed that no more anybody loose. Your success cannot be one if it based on the loose of all the others members of the community. So the universe yet, programs the end of "profit". One of the viruses that can kill Humanity... "Profit" an illness, a quick infection, a sickness bug, a very dangerous virus, from whom Society must protect: the words of wisdom coming back!!! The other names of profit: turnover and return (on the contrary no return but the turn of anybody else), income and revenue, from Latin, means to come back to you (on the contrary, no binding the destiny of "obligation" is directed on you), earnings and proceeds (you are not the earnest of morality and riches do not proceed from you), yields and takings. Retribution disconnected of what truly you tribute and contribute. Expend is not expert!  Wage war same structure than wages- sheets.


Subsequently, pay and peace share the same etymology, pacare, end of the 10th, meaning appease, pacify ; paier, acquit in sense of not be guilty anymore, and give back the justice's price to the entire all. Pay attention better than pay objects. So, salary possesses etymology's chain of "if you pay fairly it, you make reign justice. Calm and quiet. Each one his fair pay spread peace all around: that is the etymology's treasures. You acquit, you discharge your debt: you reconcile all. Af-fair, from Latin, means "af", in direction, who contribute to build, fair, at the same justice, basis of society, moral that make happy, wise shares: a true fairy tale. So af-fair a word of so big duty, what perverse mind had adulterated? Nowadays, you can only find that the af-unfairs are the af-unfairs. To acquit (grief) shares the same shape than acquittable (a debt): at the start, justice and money where enlaced. Psychotic capitalism had corrupt in the opposite contrary.


Profit (without any culture as all barbarian part) had missed quite all reality (it can be a science because its angle of attention seem quite closed: instead of the 360 ° of reality it opens only in 10 °). So profit cannot be a solution but a big problem. The decay. Always "out" of big axes of human wisdom, none a civilization can accept this nihilist profit. We know you are so hurry to leave this downfall, the wasteland of profit. The badger of bad! Now, all people had discover that the only slogan of capitalism is "destroy!", yes "destroy all for I catch the crumbs!!!". Yes, his babyish mind only can find this model of all dissipations to "win". What a confession of wrongness (with side of wrongful!).

One word can repair or destroy all. Now, your enter in certitude that to be rich without (and against) the others is a real illness (as Keynes said!). That destroying society as the anarchist capitalist (the only true ones!) cannot be "win". To win as wintry? That the sane hierarchy with live on top '(without life money is just a toy), the planet after, with climate and nature, (if we kill her for the fanatism of money what can be the "value" of money?), civilization behind but with culture, sciences, thinkers and writers (capitalism is a parasitism living on them, by itself cannot discover, build, think nothing! It's not a serious method at all). Capitalism inverts this hierarchy: in medicine, it is a perversion, an infection that can destroy minds. Not a wise person can "believe" in that adulterate disease…Every thing in him is secondary and schedule. Nothing serious in. But, in USA, you cannot have a real social live if you don't declare that you are for the market and if you don't denied all other alternative. This is not at all serious an adult. In medicine, it is a perversion, an infection which had destroyed minds. Therefore, we must put end to that disaster and choose quickly: jail because only hooligans and hoodlums can think that. Or psychiatric hospital, because only insane and mad people can impose this dizzy tyranny.

Why ?


To sign you are for market before anything is like if you were held "you must be democrat before being democrat"? The contradiction of experience is refused because the experience of contradiction represents the end to capitalism. Its ill monologue cannot survive to the share of equal talks, every where. If capitalism is so good why don't you accept trust laws? Regulate sounds like regular, honest and fair. There is no "free" market, multinationals put a stop to free prices, they prevent all concurrency: the "invisible hand" never can work. The state must not interfere with the metaphysical knowledge of the market. But what are publicity or marketing? Interferences, absolutely opposite towards the "hard" (sic) laws of market. What are "the offer doctrine "and the Washington consensus"? So so big methods to interfere: it sounds as misrepresentations, slurs, lies or slanders all that. State had no right to interfere but capitalists all (why why: any answer is the downfall of the mental smoke which the real of capitalism!). Absolutely nothing appears serious in those empty words. When you admit concurrency in culture you will find capitalism was always the barbarian enemy of cleverness and genius. As a morbid jealousy for artists? Delusions can show that, except "stealing the money of the others", the activity (sic) of capitalism vanish. Etc. If you refuse it's because you have so many to hide, for instance, you represent the perfect marginal 'think to the margin of profit!). That you are the only nihilist anarchist at the top of society and that your illness of maniac compulsions to think "money of the others is, in fact, yours" drive you to antisocial and psychotic obsessions. That you are unfit for thinking and taking responsibilities, blocking and pegging on all emotions and feelings, you are, also, not an human being. Completely "out" of anything of live , frozen to empathy, just like a dry ghost knowing nothing about true existence. Your dysfunctions are whims, fads or wags – and retarding , lating all evolutions, you represent the real failure of civilization etc. In the share of fair talks, we are going to discover so many truths upon you, that this short amount is enough…


All for one and nothing for the others, 1673, Adam Smith, supposed to support capitalism (his "invisible hand" is to describe all the advantages of the division of labour, never thought before), had shown only his repulsion for one system which lie on each and every thing (their forbid public association of workers at the same time they create the "private shopkeepers union). Therefore, Smith express his repugnance to that mentalities, writing that their slogan is " all for me and nothing for the others". Do you think it represents a praise of capitalism? And it is coming from the supposed "creator" of capitalism – image the others? Yes, consequently, you must admit there is not a genius, a great mind who defend and make praise of capitalism. That why this method on "living on the money of the others" only appeared as shabby, seedy, sordid, dodgy, insignificant, tiny, worn out, grungy, parsimoniousness, niggardliness, miserliness, stinginess, tight-fistedness, squalid, unkempt, sleazy, meanness, selfish, minuscule, low, dubious, dishevelled, grotty, pettiness, paltry, messy, dingy, grim, worthless, irrational, metaphysical, absurd and without any argument, logic, reason, sense, basis or grounds at all.  


Today – looking well, liberal and liberality are opposite – you can find many testimonies against the silly profit. Two English doctors had written "The spirit level: why equality is better for every one", where they prove that most of the sicknesses are coming from the growing gap between rich and poorest. The more mounting the gap the more destroyed is the Society. In crumbs, as after an implosion…"The state predator: how the conservative finish to believe in capitalism, and why the lefts would do the same" shows the ideology of USA (which structurally, had strange likenesses with ex Ussr – think only to parallelism of showing at the outside the faith to Marxism and the no choice of the coerce to expose your faith to the market! Never considering the facts or the arguments…) had no right to impose its inequality system upon society. "Animals spirits: how psychologist forces lead finance and economy" lets slip that every thing is irrational in finance and stock exchange. "13 bankers", divulge that wall street is second name for all futures disasters. The roaring 90 disclose all disturbances, all disorders investigators, all subversives, all barricades, all social dangers etc. come only from rich and leaders. And not from people who manifest or demonstrate - as the completely mad and "out" the entire reality medias dare writing in. Without explaining the processes between the manifestation and the social troubles. For capitalism easy: you put the mask away, they are disturbs and destructions. No links between inflation and unemployment, markets do not maximise profits but generalise wastes ways, quite never it is the best resource's allocations by market. Markets are never stable, imperfect knowledge economics, markets are ignorant, ineffective, unsuited and incapable: without an interference it collapses. No homeostatic clock in them. Prices never meet together: offer and demand just create bubbles that always, boringly, explode in a routine mode. The double dip is the only future of that bullshit. In conclusion: absolutely all is wrong in capitalism. Rare to observe something so wrong and so "believed" (facts and arguments always showed nothing serious in that utopia!).


The moral horrors, the social injustices, the economics cruelties, the politics absurdness, the human dysfunctions etc. brought by nasty capitalism must be quickly stopped. The dream of the individual close on him becomes a collective nightmare. The delirious of profit transformed in a collective lost. Their "win" = lead astray, distraught, disposes, atrophy or missing reality and future. Cheating, mistaking, deluding about all. As a result, leaving capitalism cannot hurt at all: it had no roots in reality, it was just a smoke of illusions.  (to the next)


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