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I'm in the race

and from the start

You betrayed the rules

and make me suffer your part

You lied every second upon my fame

You try to rob everything

'bout my flame

You fail you fail


And now everybody discover

You just a rotten star

Now the universe put its hands on you

You beg for I save you

But your punishment

is yet started from the bottom

of every grounds

even the one you tortured

too much can't do anything for you


So the only way left to you

Is to tell the truth

if you remember this word

if you still know what it means

Most of people make a big mistake

Making you a star

Giving all to the wrong person

What can they do now


Still the fruits and the lights

i brought from the start

are brilliant and smart

the proof is in that sight


Perhaps I am the last one

into the big race

perhaps all origin is

going shine on me

real power so near the hand

are they going to beg too…


So the only way left to them

is to tell the truth

if they remember this word

if they still know what it means…


(let's follow – next step of the stairway "star of the stars")


all the hidden things take a biggest place than what they dare show us… meet in reality save u from wrong knowledges…and 4 the english language who swing the wings so well…



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