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The title implies a prohibition of intelligence. Who is used to walk into the intellectuals and cultures had yet realize it…The inhibits prohibit all, our days. It will even be the psychorigids who extend, useless, the capitalism area. Which is clearly (all references & sources) identified as out of time. Biologically and culturally untrustable,


To grasp that way old fashioned and exceeded situations can drive to maniac's compulsions. In psychiatry, one of the definitions of finishing capitalism can be " obsessionnal structure of mania, with compulsives stasis ". Those twitching clingings had created the whole prohibitions of intelligence. Nothing can force us to suicide with them!

prohibition by excess childish with refusal of any discuss (i say it is). Even scientists are infected. Only non conformists remain sane. Center of pandemics: uncontrolled out of real medias!

prohibition by conformists. Spread in absolutely all society (to say modern can't explain an inch of real) they are the true enemies of civilization. For instance, left's conformists reveal they are, structurally, enemies of the progressists, the adults or the clever minds of any side. The worst prevail. Prohibition by ideology!

Prohibition by matter: deformations & defames, distortions and unfitness to honesty, hysterical refusals to use reason with that frenzy disease of saying "the most important in 10 seconds", obvious censures, massive restrictions of the rights to discuss, embargos over all criticizes. Prohibition by money which can drive to collective suicide!


So freethewords is free respect! Respect 4 free! Roosevelt recognized prohibitions always the worst solutions. Because only run the unhealthy products. Because it opens to all sickness and only true enemies of society can want that horror. And, also, because the proper benefit goes only to dirty minds and ugly gangsters. You can examine and test it : in actual intelligence, quite all the documents are adulterated and fraudulent, so many books reveal counterfeit and forged and so many theories wrong. We want the end of prohibition of intelligence. LEGALIZE INTELLIGENCE! LEGALIZE INTELLIGENCE! LEGALIZE INTELLIGENCE!

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