More moral moral is always more ?

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If the sound moral seems to drink the sound more – moral more – the sense of moral cannot entirely escape of that meet…moral wants more : but more of what ? The circuit can be more of moral – it can turn around into the listening over and over the same sound : more moral, moral more, more etc – Moreover, it is not possible that a sense could live without any sound, that it comes from the very far space and space absolutly sound-proofed. This kind of sense is only extra terrestrial – any sound is forbidden. Sense is alone, a lonely single !!! And sound get no sense…

Well, material ways go by …but, deeply, in the elk of sharing comprehension, moral can only wish more and more moral…without any end, no limited capacity, no restricted volume, no mass confined, no exhausted containment, no protectionism, no either reduced quantity…max out !!!


And the growning more – if it is not inclined towards moral – no going to refuse this channel. With the connotation : well, more got true moral foundations…even if it is not clearly said…if it stays in the implicit side !!!

So – the side of sounds more and moral and moral and more seems accomplices, partners, connives, parties, friends, of the same interest or help…


Is it really possible to stay in the contrary sense of this ?


Have a quick glance on these two “knowing smiles”…


…as if we find the hidden opposite of Mona Lisa - with her so tender knowing smile.


 But to who ?


    Guess that with “more moral” we should understand so many more things !!!

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