Fly and fly like birds (5)

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Fly and fly like birds (5)

Dolphy felt so pure, clean air, and so free, open air, he did not want or have reason nor dry up the conversations of others, nor put to attention: steal extracted from so outdated forms of unnecessary thoughts frames, archetypes without arguments, with heavy prejudice. The light embodies a mental state, full of gravity and attention to others: it is you who have become less cumbersome. Consider all these engulfed lives, tied in the jail and the past compartment and that really exist only in so brief moments of their lives today. "

Flying" looks like a conquest, but if Dolphy felt that the conqueror was the quiet, the vastness and vitality. Skip its existence to savor, to appreciate the precious, to enjoy hear, find the posture seem to contemplate ten thousand more "realistic" than any other attitude. Become a piece of the landscape, taste, smell the juices flowing in you vibrate the "events" of the universe prove a hundred thousand times more abundant than any other behavior. Power while juxtaposing without trampling anything (these furious compulsions have shed all media discussions shelling where talking is annoying crush the other with the implication that your word has deleted his: what forms the opposite of reason, that can not represent any solid argument, and everyone knows that these antics are worthless and are only "shots for nothing" - but during that time no talk of intelligence and sensuality can not "pass"!). A new world is still very much present, but the mode of "realism in all directions," the triumphal submission (oxymoron possible!) The laws of the real, refuses to live with "other people's money" or do only the handle to not remain on the surface of everything. It does not offer her the position "imaged" of the "binary winner."

But if you come in you close enough on its diffusing power runs down your senses so that his force "belief" beyond anything you've experienced. You live finally com-taking, the grip, your whole body as a directional arm that grabs the exact needs without harming the habitat that has smoldered. Take with you, with the inner self, symbioses and genesis, unions opposing so-called (a difference is not an aggressive war, but the only possibility for life continuing). Com-taking as the realization of intelligence that sensualizes thoroughly every body.

As a garment that did not suit him, had never asked for his opinion or approval, Dolphy got rid of flying so heavy tinsel if bulky and so disrespectful of social pressure. His whole body naked, raw, like new, open from everywhere, "refreshed" as after a haircut - clear sticky immobilizing brace and that it was filed. "A flower skin," each of its pores drinking cups nectars (these persistent tastes, jerkily, become fragrant thoughts!) Soliloquized Dolphy. Living the immensely sensual language, since meaning. But isotropically either sensible, how much more "realism" in the words in that they would be nothing. It's not at all what the sensible meaning and direction sensitive live when they "know" each word contains a set of nectars and many ways to enjoy them.

Experience always overrides the "denial of reality" that is prejudice. The sensational senses (sensations) "true", he (freelance and performs) how sensual sense makes sense (reasonable, rational, granted, weighted - short very serious and result). Each flower of skin Dolphy déglutissait varnish refined air of soil particles. Irreplaceable freshness. "Flying" transports you far more than you could imagine. None of the words detracts from, conceals or distorts this trip. Journey that moves (drop behind him all moved) and transports (sensual recognition overwhelms your mind finally "centered"). Dolphy felt sleek, refined, lighter, sorted, adjusted, discharged, honed, massaged, respected. From the moment where every being can only multiply the benefits of all other unhealthy adoration for objects metamorphose into calmed visions of others. Others can only bring me its supplements. The fact that he so polluted others represented their nuisances, made ​​unpleasant human relationships - came from the only social organization, the weight of its structures denaturing all social relations. Today that its shortcomings are obvious, of sensuality, of intelligence and Humanities: nothing seems more attractive or appealing; especially as it is barricaded against any future changes and sweating in suicide posture. No heavy heart to leave this brackish dungeon. Sometimes there is no need to change the system, leaving it as an unsuitable clothing enough ...

(To be continued)

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